Experience an Unforgettable Journey to Your Wedding With Mustang Hire


Close your eyes… take some deep breaths and picture this!

A gorgeous looking phantom Mustang standing in all its glory, outside your home. You come out dressed in a chic suit looking dapper and find your chauffeur opening the car door to greet you inside.

As soon the ignitions are hit, the roar of the Mustang is heard, and you feel a great sense of pride inside. And as the vehicle starts rolling, you know deep down that this is going to be the most prestigious day of your life.

All this sounds pretty good; doesn’t it? It surely does.

For most people (including you) under normal circumstances, this is nothing less than a dream. But the pleasing part is that there are service providers who give you the scope of booking these vintage machines for your wedding ride. And what’s more, pleasing is that; these classic wedding car hire in Sydney don’t charge much, only the rates which are accepted in the industry.

Having a Mustang as your wedding car adds a touch of class to your wedding and allows you to make the grandest of entrances. It offers an unforgettable experience, the likes of which you will never ever forget!

Here’s What a Mustang Brings to Your Wedding Event

  • Your Wedding Photos Will Look More Amazing: Marriages are sacred ceremonies, and everyone loves to lens-lock those precious moments. You want it too and having a Mustang wedding car hire will make those images look even better.

You and your spouse can sit in the front seat, while your friends and family can pose either by standing next to the Mustang or sitting in the back. Your wedding pictures should look grand on your Big Day, and having a Mustang to your wedding will make it look majestic.

  • Your Guests Will is left Staring: It’s your marriage, and when you arrive at the event, it shouldn’t be anything but normal.

Roaring your way to the wedding venue in a lustrous Mustang and then allowing the chauffeur to open the door and let you out is something that will leave everyone there with their mouths’ open.

Mustangs are classic models, and wherever they go, they command attention. And having them as your wedding ride will surely give everyone present, something inimitable and praiseworthy to see. And honestly, even you will appreciate the attention showered on you.

  • Your Woman Will Love You More For It: After the wedding is over and you come out of the hall holding her hand, her eyes will light up witnessing this vintage beast beaming in the rays.

A well-dressed chauffeur greets both of you to the car, your spouse throws the flower bouquet in elation and blows a goodbye kiss to everyone present, before giving you a thank you kiss for this awesome ride and amazing day.

There are many more unique experiences that a Mustang can bring to your BIG-Day. So, without thinking too much, find a reliable mustang car hire company in Sydney and make the arrangements.

These agencies also give you the scope to choose your preferred muscle car. Plus, on request, they will even put ribbons over it and add a Just Married or Congratulations sign to let the town know about your ceremony.

Most significantly, it is the best gift you can give to your newly wedded wife. So, pick your muscle machine and add the final touches to your special occasion.


Wedding Car Hire – Know How To Assess The Service Providers

Wedding Car services

“…..and so the adventure begins….”

The wedding was indeed an adventure, a life-altering experience for Olivia. It was a perfect summer day. The aisle was amazingly decorated, the music was on, and the guests were started to come in. But, what about Olivia?

Well, she, along with the bridesmaid was standing right in front of her house, waiting to get picked up by the luxury car she hired for the wedding. But, it was not on time, and when it arrived, it did not seem to be a luxury car as the car hire company had promised earlier.

Evidently, she had to keep the guests waited for long hours. The car in which she came in was not at all well-maintained. As a result, the photos, she could not even click a picture with the car with her husband.

What exactly went wrong for Olivia? Well, the cause of the situation is Olivia’s failure to hire a reputed service of wedding car in Sydney. Secondly, she did not feel the importance of checking whether the car hire services are speaking the truth or not. As she was going through a significant time crunch, she could not even go through the customer feedbacks properly.

A few simple steps and some essential things to check about the luxury car hire services – and you will be on your way to get the best of the services.

“Wedding marks the first day of the rest of your life."

Therefore, don’t let a car spoil it right in the beginning. Here are a few rules for you to be followed for choosing the best car hire service.

Are they experienced?

Are they experienced (1)
It’s crucial to check whether the car services you are about to hire has adequate experiencein this field or not. The experience makes the drivers understand the importance of a wedding day and provide value to their valued clients.

Are the cars chauffeur driven?

Are the cars chauffeur driven_.png
When you are about to hire a luxury car, it is highly significant to check whether the vehicle will be chauffeur driven or not. The importance of chauffers lies in the fact that they are well-mannered, well-behaved, knows the importance of on-time arrival and will appear in an attire, perfectly suitable for the weddings. Moreover, they see all the routes and will get you to the wedding venue without any hassle.

Are the cars well maintained?

Are the cars well maintained_
Don’t just settle down for the booking without checking the physical condition of the car. After making the reservation, dig out some time to pay a visit to the company offering Muscle wedding cars for hire and make sure the vehicle you are about to pick is well-maintained and in good condition.

Are the car service reputed for on-time arrival?

Are the car service reputed for on-time arrival_.png
Stop yourself from making the same mistake as Olivia did. Don’t forget to check the client feedbacks and testimonials minutely. You are probably going to find some references regarding their on-time arrival at the wedding venue. Take the note of such recommendations to judge whether you are making the right choice or not.

Search the internet for picking the right car hire service that will not let you down or spoil the charm of your wedding day in any way.

Tips to Hire Wedding Cars to Ensure a Grand Entry on Your Wedding Day

Choosing a wedding car for your d-day is very personal decision and quite influential, due to many factors. Dating a few decades back, choosing cars was the privilege for the groom, where he made a choice on the best car for his bride.  Well, with the change in time, brides are also more into selecting their luxurious ride on their way to wedding destination. Well, whether you are the groom, bride or their acquaintance reading this blog you are likely to receive answers to your queries. So, what are the considerations you must look before hiring wedding cars? Let’s delve the facts in detail-

Ask few questions to yourself to be clear about your choices

No doubt the car choice is one of the sophisticated things destined to be there on your wedding day.  Here are few questions you should ask yourself to make better choice-

  • What is the distance to be travelled?
  • What is the theme of your wedding?
  • What is the time in the year to make the best choice according to the season?
  • What is the budget that you can afford?
  • What should be the colour of car matching the theme of the wedding?

Wedding car Sydney

Do your planning beforehand

Many car companies have limited range or some come with the wide range of luxurious cars for the wedding day. So, if you have set your mind to avail a certain model of classic wedding cars for rent in Sydney, it is important to book cars quite early in your planning stage. You might have seen how wedding magazines recommend booking 3-6 months before your wedding date and that is often considered as late in peak season. Even, keep checking if the car you are looking for is in short supply or have the unique characteristics that demand booking quite a long time before.

Some other facts to consider

Wedding cars are unique, and there is not a single model that suits everyone’s preference. Companies who offer luxury wedding cars in Sydney on rent come with the various model available. For example, “JET USA and USA JET” and “Junior” as their addition provides unique convoys for your wedding.

Sydney Wedding car hire

  • Before hiring wedding cars, you should meet with the dealer in person, as the photos can be deceptive. Some companies like http://mustangmoments.com.au/ not only display their genuine collections, but also sells the authentic models that can complement your wedding theme.
  • Few weeks before your wedding, meet you selected car company to know what they will be supplying on the day, like, emergency kits and nibbles. Moreover, you need to check the pickup time, as the traffic can restrain you on the way to your wedding destination.

When it is about your D-day, don’t spoil it with random choices. Choose experienced professionals who are specialised in wedding car hire and customers have rated them reliable for quality service. Moreover, you also have to ensure if the car owner has the ownership of the cars that they have set for rent.